About Us

Created by a collective of writers, developers, content experts and digital marketing specialists, our aim at World Cup Top Five is simple: to celebrate the world’s biggest event. We want to unite football fans around the stories, anecdotes and memories – and create anticipation for every upcoming tournament. Stay tuned for our thoughts on each and every aspect of this major event, from the stars, the teams, the kits, the stadia… anything really. 

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Why World Cup?

No matter how much money is poured into club football and how many times international football is eulogized for its supposedly low level, the World Cup remains the peak of football, and arguably of sports and entertainment in general. The stories, memories and different angles are endless. It’s the time when people who don’t follow football on the daily form and express their opinions on last night’s results and when new fans get hooked into the sports. 

Why Top Five?

Simply, because it’s the most fun form of content. You know exactly where the article begins and where it ends, and it’s a great way of generating discussion.