Day: July 27, 2022

1998 World Cup Five-a-side Team

When you think five-a-side you think about those games you played with your friends in the park, in the neighborhood or at school. Picking a five-a-side team made up of World Cup players is where fantasy meets reality, and this is our attempt to do so from the tournament in 1998.

Top Five Games of the Group Stage in the 2022 World Cup

Despite the group stages being considered as the “warm up” phase of a World Cup, there are always a few gems with the potential to turn to instant classics. In this list we provide our top five recommendations for games to watch in the 2022 World Cup group stages.

The FIFA World Cup with the Qatar 2022 logo in the background

Top Five Disappointing Performances by World Cup Host Nations

Besides the prestige, hosting a World Cup is supposed to provide a sporting advantage. However, that isn’t always the case, as shown in the examples of these five disappointing host nations.